Information and Communications Technology Certification Course from RAMTEC

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Here’s one of the flyers they were handing out:

The First On-Line IT Programmers Course
Based on the JITSE Curriculum of Japan
Japan Information Technology Standard Examinations

Information and


Registration going on!

For inquiries, please contact us at:

Direct lines: 717-0423/724-0526 - Telefax: 724-1473
E-mail address: - Website:

Ramon L. Atienza Management and
Technology Enhancement Center
Mezzanine Floor, RRI Building, No. 881 S. Laurel Street,
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines

A somewhat longer brochure goes

The First On-Line IT Programmers Course
based on the Japan Information Technology
Standard Examination ( JITSE ) Curriculum

The Information and
Technology Certificate
Objectives of the ICTC Course

General Objective

   To acquire capabilities to utilize a basic knowledge of Information
   Technology based on the JITSE curriculum and to demonstrate
   these through the preparation and writing of creative, solutions-
   oriented programs based on systems specifications.

Specific Objectives

   1. To prepare participants for the JITSE examinations by enabling
      them to acquire and demonstrate the competencies required by
      JITSE standards for programmers.

   2. To assist participants to successfully pass the TESDA trade test
      for Computer Programmers by enabling them to acquire and
      demonstrate part of the minimum competencies required for

   3. To enable participants to acquire and demonstrate the RAMTEC
      standards for creative approaches to problem-solving and
      applications based on industry-validated requirements.

   4. To provide opportunities for participants for career development
      and commensurate employment through the acquisition of
      sectoral, national and global standards-based certification.
Course Management

Course Director: Flordeliz C. Garcie
Academic Consultant: Dr. Carmela S. Perez
On-Line Facility Consultant: Fr. Jose Mari B. Legaspi
Training Quality Supervisor: Rene I. Lamzon

Distinct Features of the Course

- Intensive IT Programmers Course based on the official Japan
  Information Technology Standards Examination ( JITSE ) curriculum

- Excellent preparation for the JITSE Examinations

- Managed by professional learning specialists, mentors and avisers

- Combines weekend face-to-face sessions with on-line sessions

- Utilizes e-learning groups as well as virtual learning networks

- Mentors to guide and monitor participants for all sessions

- Week-end group sessions devoted to tests and exercises

- On-line sessions guided by subject matter specialists and mentors

- Group interventions to develop on-line study habits and discipline

- Affordable registration fees with installment scheme; Also provides
  for discounts and refunds.
Schedule of Sessions

Course A: Intensive Course

An intensive 4-month course covering a total of 240 learning hours which
combines face to face sessions with guided on-line, self-study sessions.
Designed primarily for IT graduates and professionals from Metro Manila
who intend to take the JITSE Examinations on Sept. 2003 and Feb. 2004.

The first session of Course A will start on Friday, 2 May 2003
and end on 30 August. Advanced registration will start by Monday
31 March 2003.

Starting 20 October 2003, registration for Course A will be open
throughout the year with new classes to start every month.

Course content

The main course contents of Course A are structured along
eight ( 8 ) modules namely :

    1. Basic Theory of Computer Science
    2. Basic Computer System
    3. Network Technology
    4. Database Technology
    5. Systems Security
    6. Systems Development and Operations
    7. Operations ResearSch and Business Applications
    8. C - Programming

To register, please fill up Registration Form and fax to RAMTEC
(Fax No. 724-1473). For reservation and advanced payments, call
RAMTEC (Tel Nos. 717-0423 / 724-0626) for instructions.

The registration fee for the Course: P 20,000.00
Fees are inclusive of tuition, one set ( 5 vols) of JITSE review
materials, exercise book, access card and writing materials.

Discounts for Early Registration
Registration will start on Monday, 31 March 2003. Discounts will be
given to the first 30 enrollees who will register anytime from March 31
to 23 April 2003.

Installment Payment Scheme
RAMTEC is offering an Installment Payment Scheme which will be
open to all course participants. For details and procedures, please
contact RAMTEC.

RAMTEC will refund the amount of P4,500.00 for all course
participants who will successfully pass the JITSE Examinations to
be given on September 2003 and February 2004.

A refund of P2,000.00 will also be given to all course participants
who will take and pass the TESDA trade test for IT Programmers.
Contact us at:

Mezzanine Floor, RRI Building
No. 881 S. Laurel Street, Mandaluyong City
Metro Manila, Philippines

717-0423 * 724-0626




A Technology Education Venture by

Ramon L. Atienza Management
and Technology Enhancement Center

They have a scholarship exam tomorrow.

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