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The normal arrangement is HRD goes into a contract with the
instructor, but since it’s a short course, we’ll just send the fee to
Mr. B, and they’ll pay without the usual accounting requirements.
Should we continue to avail of your services and for larger
engagements… Check into consultantship. Possibly also JITSE


17-19. External training for one of the clients. UNIX fundamentals
right now. Participants ared. Can keep copyright for exercises. Memo
of agreement

– audience

Mid-career, some do not have programming background, some will
transfer into the MIS department of P. Fast pickup.

What do their managers want from the training? No feedback yet.

– Expectations
– Sample exercise
– Kind of work
– 3 days
– write-up of course
– evaluation form

P 3,500 per man/day

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