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– CS21A: (B) Intro to Java lecture. (G) Intro to Java lecture, lab

discussion. # I finished all of the feedback today. Yay! What
worked: the first lab went very well. What could be improved: Move
how-to-zip-files and demonstration to first week of classes.

– CS110: Review of efficiency with a 5-point quiz. Many people need to

review. Hmm. What am I doing wrong? Maybe I should use more
exercises and fewer lectures. How can I make exercises easy to do in
class? Not sure if proceeding to next topic (correctness, ending
with induction) was the best thing to do.

– CS139.3: Had fun finding two simple data structures problem.

However, Mark was the only one who could solve it within given
timeframe. Spent half an hour setting up PC2 and getting the hang of
things. Next time, won’t have that problem. Should also release
notes on how to do input and output. Crash course in Java. Have
assigned problems for student discussion. Will probably allow
newbies to work in groups first.

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