Profiling Your Customer

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People are often thrilled by the fact that I try to keep track of
their interests and inclinations. I avidly file away tidbits I learn
while listening to them talk, but I’m not yet used to asking people
for more details or engaging in small talk. I’m starting to think that
there’s more to small talk than just passing time, though. I guess
asking about all of these things makes good business sense.

Patrick G. of replied to my post on keeping in touch with people
with this excellent tip:

re: your post on keeping track of people and their interests – did you ever hear of the “Mackay 66” ? A guy here in the US wrote a book about selling, and he requires his saleman to keep a “66” on each customer – 66 things you should know about them. See – at least 1 thru 57 is useful for friends too.

I wonder what other lists are out there…

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