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Regarding the latest LinuxWorld Philippines:

happy_eclair there were so many babes at the MS booth
sachac <roll eyes> It figures. Of all the sneaky, underhanded tricks… ;)
happy_eclair they even had Barbie Almalbis of Barbie’s cradle
happy_eclair Yeah. Manny Amador was saying PLUG only had one booth babe – me! *laughs*

Of all the sneaky, underhanded tricks…

I know all’s fair in love and business, but must Microsoft _really_
stoop to stuff like that? All the comments I get about LinuxWorld
mention the ‘MS babes’ some way or another.

From Jijo’s comments:

It was truly weird entering the exhibit area to be greeted by their big booth located front and center, with attractive (and distracting) Microsoft Babes at their booth and at the entrance. I also caught the tail end of a talk on Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2005, which was a time slot ahead of my talk, in the same room.

Oh, wait, it’s Microsoft. Right. They’re not exactly known for ethics.

This is what makes me grit my teeth and remember that somewhere in
Microsoft are good people who like making things that help others.
I have friends who work at Microsoft. They’re decent people.

They’re just weighed down by a terrible corporate culture that focuses
on crushing the competition. Court docs: Ballmer vowed to ‘kill’ Google. At least IBM has guidelines telling employees never to trash-talk the competitors.

Congratulations, Microsoft. You’ve just succeeded in your marketing
objective: distract people from your real problems.

When are we going to see _real_ answers to the stuff we keep
complaining about?

I’m going to write someone I know in Microsoft to say how disappointed
I am in their marketing…

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