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ESC102H1 — Engineering Science Praxis II


  • Active Surplus is the coolest store in Toronto.
  • Duck tape and chewing gum are all you really need, especially if that’s all you have!
  • “Junkyard Wars” sounds like a fun afternoon, but who needs another hovercraft?
  • Hacking around in Linux and open source is more fun than most people realize.
  • Saving the universe given a holodeck and transporter is easy; try doing it with two rocks and a stick!

If so, you’re the kind of person we’re looking for to TA the Design
portion of Engineering Science Praxis II.

This is the position I’m interested in:

Infrastructure TAs (2 @ 60 hours)

As an Infrastructure TA you will work behind the scenes to keep Praxis
II running smoothly. The course will rely on a number of software
systems, including CCNet, wikis, blogs, file repositories, instant
messaging, and any other systems that you think would help the
students. Your role is to get the systems running and to keep them
running throughout the term. You will also be responsible for helping
with the logistics of the Design Showcases. You are ideal for this
position if you are comfortable installing and testing open source
software on a linux system, and then kludging disparate systems
together to make an integrated software suite.

I know, I know, it’s sysadmin stuff, but they mentioned wikis! And
blogs! And other stuff! I can get kids to use social bookmarking sites

Deadline: Dec 9. Hmmm…

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