Snow Ball was a ball =)

Lots of great food and lots of dancing. =) I was a bit shy about
dancing in the beginning, but once the sugar and the vibe hit, I was
all in.

During one of my rest breaks, I managed to sit down next to what was
probably the only other Emacs person in the room. How did I find out?
Well, we started talking about courses, and then he asked me what
programming languages I use, and I said Lisp, and he asked if that was
the language used for Emacs, and I was like… whoa. =)

He then proceeded to tell me about his only gripe about Emacs – lack
of on-the-fly spellchecking.

… and I of course proceeded to tell him about and

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Even though I was dressed to the nines
(black velvet floor-length gown with red satin ribbons/and paper
roses), I was still a geek…

Awesome fun. Totally worth it. Met interesting people, too. =)

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