Debian’s still alive!

What do you know… Debian’s still accepting applications after all! =)

I just got e-mail from the Debian Account Manager, months and months
after I finished all the Debian Developer requirements. I’m not
knocking Debian. It’s a volunteer thing, and I know what it’s like to
run out of time/brainspace… Anyway, I’ve since then passed my main
package to a new maintainer (and a very very good one, at that!), and
I haven’t really been working on my second package (remember-el). I
promise to release another version of remember-el by the end of this
week, and perhaps I’ll look into packaging some of the other Emacs
Lisp things that I use.

I’ve gotten this far. Might as well finish it. =)

E-Mail from Joerg Jaspert

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