Sunlight and weeds

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I hitched a ride with a couple of IBMers down to the York Mills subway
station today. On the way there, I saw an absolutely beautiful sight:
common weeds aureoled by the sunlight at that perfect yellow right
before it slips into the orange of sunset.

Cliched perhaps, but singularly beautiful.

I wanted to stop the car and shoot with my dinky little
point-and-click – heck, even with my phone – but we were almost near
the highway, and it wasn’t the kind of place where one could just stop
and shoot.

Maybe that’s what I’ll do this Friday: take a nice long walk, eyes
open for spring. =)

Random Japanese sentence: メアリーは読書をしており、1匹の猫がかたわらで眠っていた。 Mary was reading, with a cat sleeping beside her. Meari- wa tokusho o shiteori, ippiki no neko ga katawara de nemutte ita.

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