Sysad stuff: bah, humbug

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Hacked around a bit on the engsci system. Very frustrated with
ejabberd, connotea, and other servers I’ve been trying to set up.
Firmly convinced this isn’t one of my alternative careers. Will do it
anyway because I’ve promised to do it this term. Pff.

Random Japanese sentence: 「おや、おまえさん!」おばあさんは言いました。「これはいったいどうしたのです?」「わたしはねこが一匹ほしいと言ったのに、これはなんですか」 “My dear!” she cried, “What are you doing? I asked for one little cat. And what do I see? -. [Oya, omaesan!] obaasan wa iimashita. [kore wa ittai doushita no desu?] [watashi wa neko ga ippiki hoshii to itta no ni, kore wa nan desu ka]

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