Yesterday: Baking pie

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Yesterday Calum taught me how to bake apple pie. He was rather fussy
about needing a food processor to properly flake frozen butter and
shortening, but he’s _good. I remember tasting his apple pie at the
MIE potluck. He’s a good teacher, too. =)

I had a bit of a problem getting back into the dorm due to software
bugs in the card key system. I stayed out past midnight, so I couldn’t
call the entry assistant. I called Mariana, but she couldn’t leave the
room because her key didn’t work either, and there was no point in
both of us being locked out. I am eternally grateful to James for
waking up (bathrobe and all) and letting me into the main entrance so
that I could ring the doorbell to my suite and get Mariana to let me

I’m so, so glad I have friends like these…

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