CHI2006: Ack!

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Written on 2006.04.23:

My laptop is in my bag. My power charger is in Toronto. Or at least
that's the only conclusion I can reach, because. it's. not. in. my.

And I _thought_ I double-checked that! Just because it's not in its
usual place doesn't mean I packed it properly. A charger in hand is
worth two in the dorm room.

I will get a lot of letters done this week. Okay, what are my choices?

  • Stick with original plan. Go home on Sunday. Adjust my hotel reservations and check in Friday. Pro: More time to see Montreal. Con: Will feel guilty about research.
  • Move plan back one day. Check into hostel Th night, check out Saturday, take train, work Sunday on paper.
  • Leave on Thursday with everyone else. Cancel hostel, cancel train. Save lab money, save personal money, don't get to see Montreal. Don't feel guilty about research. Get to computer faster. No prob carryig stuff or getting home.

If I'm going to do this, I can do Montreal sunrises. Then I can return to Montreal when the weather is better, possibly with friends.

Okay. That sounds like a plan. Cancel hostel booking, cancel train booking after I talk to Shen.

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