fMRI scan

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I signed up for a research study that needed functional magnetic
resonance imaging (fMRI) brain scans of evening-type right-handed
people. They promised to send me some images, and I thought that would
be _so_ bloggable. <laugh> I’ll post them when I get them.

I needed to make sure I wasn’t wearing anything with any metal, so I
wore a red velvet turtleneck and the red Thai pants, and I took off my
earrings before the scan.

I kept dozing off during the test, though. Repetitive task, horizontal
position, not much sensory input… Meep! And to think they considered
5:00 to be among the peak work hours for evening types…

I hope I haven’t screwed up their data too much. =)

Random Japanese sentence: すると、少し先に、またもう一匹、ふわふわした灰色のねこがめにつきました。そしてこれも前の二匹と全く同じくらいかわいいのです。 But then he saw a fuzzy gray cat over here which was every bit as pretty as the others, so he took it too. Suru to, sukoshi saki ni, mata mou ippiki, fuwafuwashita(!!) haiiro no neko ga me ni tsukimashita. Soshite kore mo mae no nihiki to mattaku onaji kurai kawaii no desu.

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