Too hot, too cold, just right

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I sent Mark a draft of my paper, summarizing a number of research
papers on innovation diffusion and technology diffusion and reading
them in the context of blogging and social bookmarking. He sent me
back a polite but firm reminder that this is for a conference and I
don't have to burden my paper with too much of a review of related
literature. I should focus on my results. I was so worried about that
because the paper was originally supposed to have been my reading
course paper, and the objective for _that_ would have been to
demonstrate that I'd actually read the stuff I'm supposed to have
read. Mark says I should focus on discussing the results, though. I'm
not sure how interesting the results are, but maybe it'll be clearer
after a 20-minute nap…

Well, third version's the charm, and I'm lucky to have a supervisor
who makes tons of helpful comments.

Okay, I need to head over to IBM tomorrow and get more data.

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