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Changing “Technology evangelist wannabe” to “Storyteller, technology
evangelist, geek”. Is that a more accurate or effective description? =)

Sacha Chua <sacha@free.net.ph> - http://sacha.free.net.ph/
Storyteller, technology evangelist, geek
University of Toronto - IBM Center for Advanced Studies, Toronto
Into social bookmarking, blogging, wikis, and Enterprise 2.0

Random Japanese sentence: 「いいえ、ぼくです!、ぼくです!、ぼくです!」百匹のねこ、千匹のねこ、百万匹、一億、一兆匹のねこがいいました。どのねこも自分が一番美しいとおもっていたのです。 No, I am! I am! I am! Cried hundreds and thousands and millions and billions and trillions of voices, for each cat thought itself the prettiest. [M]

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