Demo Camp: Quotiki

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Quotiki has live search for quotes, which would be good if it was more
responsive. For example, the search “caesar” just shows the results
for “ca” even after a while. Tagging and bookmarking is great, of
course, and if I can get a fortune file or RSS for my favorite quotes
(there *must* be an RSS feed for this and all the other views), then
that would be fun to pull into my blog.

Hmm. They’ve got some kind of hyperlinking going on when you hover
over the quote, which may make it difficult to copy the text.

A podcast of quotes, too. Hmm. It’s nice to go into the history of
these quotes. =)

Hmm, interesting. Stumbledupon gave them lots of traffic.


  • Digg-style: Add some information to the large graphic elements at the left of each quote.
  • Blog widgets! Lots of blog widgets! QOTD, random quote, stuff for the sidebar…

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