Woohoo! Global organization for technology evangelists!

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Kudos to Dean Michael Berris for telling me about a newly-formed organization for technology evangelists!

The first conference is on December 4. It looks *TOTALLY* awesome.

Are you passionate about technology? Do you thrive on making a
difference in people’s lives with your passion for technology? Do you
get confused sideways looks with raised eyebrows when telling people
that you are a Technology Evangelist? If so, GNoTECon is the event for
you. It is the industry’s first conference to discuss technology

It would be *SO* wonderful to meet all of these evangelists. Guy Kawasaki! *The* Guy Kawasaki! Squeeeeeeeee…

I’ve e-mailed my supervisor to ask if I can take the final exam early. I’ll move heaven and earth to be there. And you know me, I’ll make a splash somehow.

I feel a little like Peter Pan. If you believe in my technology
evangelism, clap your hands and help me make this happen!

So, does anyone know anyone in Santa Clara with whom I can stay?

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