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I’m starting to feel a little strange in Powerbooks. Maybe it’s visual
overload from of “SALE” signs everyone. Maybe it’s mental fatigue from
browsing through all these books that are starting to sound alike. I
read.. mm… maybe five, six books today? Browsed through them,
really, looking for just a few ideas to keep. I gained two important
insights today, though.

From “Creating Rainmakers”: Great rainmakers start growing their
network early. Because the number of possible connections increases
rapidly with every new connection, people with large networks benefit
*much* more than people with small networks. I knew this from personal
experience and observation, but it was great reading about it.
Something I read in another book or I picked up on my own: the more
people you know and the more you know about them, the more you can
leverage the things that you learn and the experiences you have.
(Duh.) But it’s true; whenever I pick up a sales insight, I use it as
a great excuse to ping a few people.

From “Finance on a Beermat”: Small businesses *really* need
accounting. Why? Because even if you’re funding it yourself, you’re
not pouring money down a sink. You should keep track of how much the
business owes you, so that you can tell the difference between revenue
and profit. At the end of the day, your books need to balance. I
hadn’t really thought about that before and I suspect that most
entrepreneurs just pour cash into their businesses without keeping
track of things, but maybe that’s something that separates successful
serial entrepreneurs from frustrated ones…


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