zomg, another chapter up!

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I’ve finished the first draft of Chapter 8: Taming Your Tasks. PDF ODT DOC. Whee!

The feedback I’m looking for right now is:

  • Does the chapter flow properly, or would it make better sense rearranged?
  • Does it cover all the things a basic chapter on task management should cover? (I know, the Planner thing’s a bit sparse… My original ‘budget’ for this chapter was 35 pages!)
  • Does it include at least one or things that make you go “Hmm, that’s interesting”?
  • Is it missing some of your favorite hacks or coolest features?

Fiddly bits like formatting will wait for the second pass.

If you leave your feedback as comments on this post, I’m less likely to lose it in all the mail that’s piling up in my inbox! =)

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