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BarCampManila drew over 80 people. There were 16 presentations ranging from 5 to 7 minutes each. What an amazing turnout!

Jerome Gotangco is my new hero. He organized everything (including getting a banner printed with the BarCampManila logo) less than two weeks after I e-mailed him saying that it would be fantastic to have a geek get-together on the 21st and could he please Make It Happen… Wow!

Highlights for me:

  • Mario Carreon’s “Maritess and her first computer” sketch. Dual-core aquarium indeed!
  • Calen Legaspi and his 7… no… 6… no… 2 lessons from starting a software company! (Nobody expects the Calen Exposition!)
  • JM Ibanez and git-svn – gotta check that out

What would make this even better?

  • More of a networking session after the talks – maybe limit it to 5 or 10 talks
  • Longer slots for demos (no Powerpoint allowed for those!)
  • Better sound system (they’re already working on this)
  • Table for laptops
  • Presenter remote

Catch the replay! I’m looking forward to hearing about the next one. I’m probably going to be in Canada, but that’s what streaming is for… =)

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