Writing presentation abstracts together

| presentation, web2.0

When Jennifer Okimoto pinged me about possibly putting together a presentation for Web 2.0 Expo 2009 in San Francisco, I perked up at the possibilities. I had been intimidated by the list of previous sessions (who am I to tell all these experienced techies and businesspeople about Web 2.0), but Jen and I could definitely share lots of lessons learned about Web 2.0 in a large enterprise, bridging generations and geographies.

So I started a Google Doc for the abstract. After several invitations, she finally got access to it, and we brainstormed and refined our abstract through the shared document. It was a lot of fun, particularly coming up with a good title. I think my fondness for alliterative, catchy titles showed: “Linking the Leviathan?” “Moving the Mountain?”

This should be easier, though. I should be able to right-click on a person in our instant messaging client and say “Collaborate”, pick a document, work on it in realtime, be able to invite other people in, and have that persist.


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