There’s something about mornings

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Our cat has a firm idea of what constitutes a perfectly acceptable wake-up time for breakfast: 6:00. I’ve taken to waking up early and making her breakfast, getting ready, and so on.

Today I arrived at work at 7:00. The lights were still dim. I don’t think anyone else was in the IBM office. I got a lot done. I remembered to leave work early, too, and I got a lot done at home as well. I remember blogging about early starts a number of times, and I like it when I can get into the rhythm of it. W- and I will make sure we keep in sync, too.

Preparing a few things the night before makes things so much more convenient. After dinner, I pack my lunch, leave a pot of oatmeal to soak on the stove, and set out all my clothes in the order that I need to put them on. The rest of the time is mine to spend, and then it’s another great morning.

I’m getting the hang of the little things, too. The subway ride is the best time for Japanese flashcard practice, because I’m sitting down. The Pimsleur language lessons are best for dish-washing time, because I need my hands to be free. I’m working my way through French, and I hope I’ll be able to practice understanding conversation when I’m in Montreal.

There’s still a lot of room for improvement. Depending on need, I may make early mornings my personal project time. Right now, I’m relaxed, but not feeling very creatve. There are a number of things I still need to follow up on, including possible tea party plans. (I’m a month late with my tea parties!) But things are good. =)

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