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One of the interesting things that came up during the dinner party conversation with Pete Forde’s friends was the lack of craftsmanship and art in our everyday lives. We’re surrounded by generic mass-produced disposables.

But it doesn’t have to stop there. W-, J- and I often watch Discovery Channel’s How It’s Made series, and learning about the manufacture of even something as everyday as china gives me a greater appreciation for the things we use. I carry little things that have stories or tht make me smile – a fountain pen, a notebook, a walking stick. And I’m learning to create things myself, too – developing applications and presentations for work, drawing and writing for fun.

Other people know this secret, too. Jeff Muzzerall showed me his mechanical watch, telling me how he enjoys watching the interlocking gears through the clear back face. It told a story about his love of well-crafted objects. If you carry something exceptional, it reminds you of beauty.

What keeps you in touch with craftsmanship?

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