Weekly review: Week ending January 9, 2009

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This week:

From last week’s plans:

  • Get back to work! Integrate Lotus Connections and Drupal for fun and profit. Built and deployed example of Lotus Connections and Drupal integration (community calendar, community forums). Shared source code in internal Subversion repository.
  • Meet lots of people. Hosted Drupal Toronto User Group meeting (not bad for last-minute work). Got #lifecampTO off the ground.
  • Storyboard my upcoming talks. Prepared presentation for IBM campus recruiting event on Monday. Yay stick figures!
  • Post my Drupal site and see what people think of it. =) Teeheehee. No progress on this.

Other stuff:

  • Upgraded to Lotus 8.5 and discovered the joys of Google Calendar integration. Yay Lotus!
  • Braindumped a whole bunch of PHP development tips for Ian Garmaise. Fixed his Eclipse+Xdebug problem by changing the port used by Xdebug. Fixed his Emacs background color (M-x customize-face, default). Set up his system for ido-mode, icomplete-mode, and file-cache + ido. Told him about dabbrev-expand. He estimated that my 1-hour braindump saved him 10 hours of figuring things out, and it’ll continue to save him more time as he incorporates the shortcuts into the way he works. Chatted with him and Nigel Auger about event planning, shared my goal of learning how to organize and host great events.
  • Drew another comic/sketch about wireless mice. Getting the hang of things!
  • Connected with Lynne and Todd Waymon (Contacts Count). Gave them tips on Web 2.0 and social networking.
  • Connected with other IBM Drupal developers. Promised to give talk on Drush next month.
  • Helped some IBM public relations folks come up with more storyline ideas.
  • Prepared a marketing 1-pager and 1-slide description of our social media adoption services. Will post them externally next week or when team is happy with them.
  • Helped brainstorm 2009 plans for our team.
  • Encouraged several people to consider blogging.
  • Worked on my professional development framework assessment (career paperwork in IBM Global Business Services).
  • Solved some problems for the microsite project we’ve been working on.
  • Made a cute card for J-‘s 11th birthday.
  • Got a decent amount of sleep. =)

Next week:

  • Home and life
    • Tidy up and declutter house
    • Stay in more (except for Tuesday)
    • Make nice Sunday dinner
    • Talk to John Sullivan and Ian Eure about long-delayed Emacs book
    • Reply to mail, send out more mail
    • Read the five new books that came in, organize my book notes
    • Learn a new breakfast recipe
    • Do jumping jacks – three mornings
    • Get plenty of sleep
  • Do good stuff at work
    • Handle questions and brainpicking in the atrium of the Bahen Centre (University of Toronto, St. George campus) from 10:00AM – 2:30PM. (Look for the stick figures.
    • Give a presentation to FutureBlue students: Totally Rocking IBM, or How to Meet Great People and Make a Difference During FutureBlue

      Find out how you can make the most of FutureBlue by getting the word out about your work, meeting all sorts of amazing people, and finding out about interesting ideas and resources. In this session, you’ll learn about IBM’s social networking tools and how you can take advantage of them to develop your passion, improve your skills, grow your network, and have lots of fun.

      Bio: Sacha Chua researched Enterprise 2.0 for her master’s degree at the University of Toronto, and her work was sponsored by the IBM Center for Advanced Studies. She blogged about her research and other things she was learning inside the IBM network, and she ended up as one of the most popular bloggers within IBM. She loves helping people learn more about connecting and collaborating, and is now working with IBM GBS Canada in a position that’s tailor-made for her passions!

    • Do some more work on Lotus Connections + Drupal integration – demo calendar integration (sweet)
  • Learn how to organize and host events
    • Get ready for Amy Shuen’s ROI of Web 2.0 at Work call for the IBM Web 2.0 for Business community (sorry, IBM-internal; recordings will be posted internally)
    • Post more details about #lifecampTO.
  • Learn more about visual design
    • On Tuesday, attend OCAD talk about Obama campaign design
    • Make another stickfigure presentation for FutureBlue (see above)
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