Weekly report: Week ending April 12, 2009

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From last week’s plans:

  • Clear up Transition2 issues Production seems to be stable now, and development on the next version has started. Yay!
  • Moderate a panel at Mesh, attend the afterparty That was fun!
  • Give a talk at the Women in Technology group That was also fun! =)
  • Tweak my task management process a bit more – maybe look into Org integration over the weekend? I find myself really liking the ability to review and add to my Toodledo from anywhere. Hmm.

I also:

  • Found a few more potential mentors
  • Had a great lunch conversation with Steve Mann and Ian Garmaise
  • Fell off the waking-up-early wagon
  • Rode my bicycle a lot! Yay!
  • Played catch with lacrosse sticks some more. Getting the hang of it.
  • Got a great transcript for one of my talks – can’t wait to do more!
  • Refined my talk management process =)

Next week:

  • Work on the next version of Transition2
  • Give a talk on making the most of Sametime Unyte
  • Put together that guide for remote presentations
  • Get back into drawing stick figures
  • Experiment with delegating illustration or animation. That would be interesting… =)
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