No magic beans required

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Over dinner and gardening plans, Laura (Backyard Harvesting) said, “So I was reading your blog… There’s just so much! Do you even sleep?”

“I’m a big fan of sleep, actually,” I said, “and I have a blog post about that.” I told her that I have a lot of interests (now up to 40!–not concurrent, thank goodness), and that many of those interests build on each other.

W- chimed in and told her that I often find other people who can help me finish things I start, which is great. =) (And I’m looking forward to learning how to scale up even better!)

Whenever people go “Wow!”, I tell them that anyone can do it, and that I want to help people do even better. I emphasize that not because I’m downplaying what I’ve done or what I’m doing (or how much fun I’m having along the way!), but because I don’t want people to give themselves excuses just because they think I’m different.

Go and make something happen.
Here’s what I’ve learned that might help you along the way:

Do things you love, and love the things you do.
Do things that complement each other.
Do things that scale.

No magic beans required. =)

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