Thank you, Lotus forums!

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I started panicking when Lotus Notes 8.5 wouldn’t show me my mail. Everything else worked, but when I went to my e-mail, my folder hierarchy and my inbox just wouldn’t show. I tried rebooting Lotus Notes 8.5 several times, and I even rebooted the entire computer.

No joy.

Then I noticed an error message in the terminal. It said: SEVERE CLFNM0003E: Error getting outline actions for navigator (and so on).

When I looked for that string, I found one hit – which was a perfect fit for the problem.

The recommended fix was to get rid of bookmark.nsf. I moved it from ~/lotus/nodes/data/bookmark.nsf to a temp directory and restarted Lotus Notes.

Now my mail works again. HOORAY! Thank you, Internet! =)

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