Thinking about organizing sewing patterns

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My stash of patterns keeps growing.


  • Vogue V8322 (princess-seamed shirts with snaps)
  • Butterick 3030 (raglan-sleeved and dolman-sleeved shirts shirts)
  • Butterick B4815 (vest) – made this, then realized I don’t particularly like wearing vests =)
  • Butterick B4659 (princess-seamed shirt with wide collar) – made this, not happy with the collar
  • Butterick 6085 (shirts)
  • Vogue V2218 (princess-seamed blouses and skirt)


  • Simplicity S2906 (full and slim skirts) – have three skirts using this pattern already ;)
  • Vogue V7881 (instructions for slacks) – working on this, made muslin


  • Vogue V8020 (princess-seamed dresses with full skirts)
  • Simplicity 4097 (wardrober with top, jumper, slacks, and collarless blazer) – made the jumper and the blazer: first time to line an outfit, yay, but the cut is too casual
  • Butterick 5746 (dress fitting shell) – made this and learned more about how I need to alter patterns (eliminate top darts, trim bottom darts ;) )
  • Butterick B5277 (dress with asymmetric collar)


  • Simplicity 3548 (pajama set) – made this with an awesome kitty-printed flannel fabric!
  • Vogue V7837 (nightwear)

Outerwear and sportswear

  • Vogue V8343 (wardrober with asymmetric jacket, skirt, slacks, dress, and top) – made the jacket, liked it
  • Butterick B4610 (blazers with notched collars)
  • McCall’s M4598 (blazers)
  • McCall’s M5764 (capelet)
  • McCall’s M5668 (princess-seamed blazer with roll collar)
  • Vogue V1020 (knit wardrober)

I’d love to have the yardage and notions information on my iPod when I’m at the fabric store, and to have a taggable, browsable, very visual way to navigate through my patterns. I usually take all the envelopes when I go shopping, leaving the pattern tissue and instructions at home, but this results in quite a bit of shuffling around as I try to match fabrics with patterns. And it would be nice to have the patterns on my computer as inspiration instead of just sticking up one or two using magnets on my board…

Oooh, and a way to organize online fabric swatches would be nice, too.

PatternReview has a Pattern Stash and Wishlist. It’s one of their for-pay features, but it doesn’t support the kind of tagging and categorization I want, and I’d like the thumbnails to be a lot bigger, too. Maybe make styleboards using Kaboodle, so I can plan my spring/summer and fall/winter projects? That might be interesting…

Otherwise, tempted to either put static images together in Inkscape or Scribus, or build a pattern and fabric organizing system using Drupal… <laugh>

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