Weekly review: Week ending June 14, 2009

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From last week’s plans


  • More photography, tidying up


  • Give presentation on ABCs of Boomers, X, Ys, Zs (nonprofits and generational differences)
  • Fix more Transition2 bugs, add new partners
  • Prepare for “Awesomest Job Search Ever” and “Totally Rocking Presentations at IBM” talks
  • Fix my Linux partition

Skills/personal growth

  • Write more articles / blog posts

Bike to work on Friday =) Stayed home instead.


  • Planted blueberry bushes
  • Made my own eye mask from my fuzzy cat fabric

Plans for next week (this week, really):

  • Social Recruiting Summit
  • Taking the Stage: The Power of Voice
  • Develop Drupal system – Transition2
  • Coach clients on LinkedIn
  • Prepare presentations
  • Attend sprouts class
  • Dinner party
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