Back from staycation

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I’m on the subway to work, refreshed and ready to go after a two-week vacation.

At the beginning of summer, J- announced that she didn’t want to go to summer camp. She said she could do better things with her time and have more fun on her own. W- took two weeks off to spend with her, and I decided to tag along by taking my vacation as well. My passport was still out for visa renewal, so we couldn’t travel anywhere. Time to check out this newfangled idea of a staycation…

The staycation turned out to be a great idea for us. We bought some lights from Home Depot so that we could explore photography through constant lighting. We enjoyed exploring new recipes, making souvlaki, scones, biscuits, bread, and new kinds of chili. We discovered the joys of canning and proceeded to make cases of apricot syrup, blueberry jam, and jalapeno jelly. We improved our house routine and organized our space, adding shelves near the entrance and a mini-greenhouse to the kitchen.

I also pursued a number of individual interests. I hosted and went to a number of get-togethers with friends, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I made a new presentation and started thinking about seeds for others. I reflected on my life as a 25-year-old, what it meant to turn 26, and what I’d like to do for my 26/27th year of life.

It was a great break. It felt like two weeks of weekends. Our days weren’t drastically different from normal life, but instead gave us a taste of what our weekends could feel like with more planning, and what our weeks might feel like when we reach financial independence.

I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of work!

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