Weekly review: Week ending October 4, 2009

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From last week’s plans:

  • Update the market scans for innovations and forces of change. Moved to a lower priority. Instead, working on a facilitator’s guide to running Innovation Discovery workshops.
  • Draft some points to include in The Shy Connector’s Guide to Conferences. Now fleshing out slides and planning the website.
  • Bike some more. Enjoying my new bike computer! Also, picked up another pannier.
  • Attend improv and sewing classes. I think I’m starting to get the hang of it! Lots more energy this time around (my cough is starting to make a retreat), and I had a lot of fun playing with specificity and making assumptions. Now I just have to get used to doing that faster. Sewing: Made a drawstring bag easily. Learned a tip for making accurate folds – stick pins through the folding line, and then fold along the pins.

I also:

  • Tried more ready-to-eat meals for our emergency kit. Oatmeal is good. Uncle Ben’s Brown Rice is okay. The curried chickpeas we had were a little spicy (although the package did say medium). The Stagg Chili was good too.
  • Watched a movie with W- and J-.
  • Attended Wendy Koslow’s birthday party and chatted with a couple of interesting new people. I should have a tea party–maybe two or three weeks from now?
  • Cut out the pieces for my wool skirt. Wondering if I can get more of the matching wool so that I can make another asymmetric blazer
  • Had a great chat with my manager about career planning
  • Thought about what I want to do
  • Do some work on next The Shy Connector presentation =)

Next week, I plan to:

  • Create the facilitator guide
  • Attend improv and sewing classes. Improv: get the hang of assumptions. Sewing: Make zippered pouch.
  • Watch an improv show
  • Celebrate a nice, quiet Thanksgiving weekend with W-
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