What I want to talk about in 2010

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Following through on my resolution to give fewer talks, I’m thinking about what kinds of talks I do want to give.

I want to help people work together better. I want to talk about the whys and hows of collaboration, helping organizations, communities, teams, and individuals learn how to use these tools and practices. Part of this will include basic step-by-step tutorials on how, perhaps, but I’m much more interested in documenting and shaping collaboration patterns.

I want to help people play to their strengths. As I learn more about being introverted and about having a beginner’s mind, I’m looking forward to sharing what I discover with other people.

I want to help people map and share their lives, insights, and questions. I want to map everything I know, and I want to help interested people do the same.

I want to help people become more at home and discover themselves. I think I’m getting the hang of it, and I want to share that with others, too!

So: collaboration, strengths (particularly learning and introversion), mapping/knowledge-sharing, and self-discovery. Now that I’ve sketched that out, I can think about what questions I want to explore and how I can share what I’m learning along the way.

I’m not quite used to this. I created most of my presentations in response to requests, invitations and calls for submissions. Lately, though, I’ve been creating more and more presentations just because I wanted to. Switching to being more proactive about my topics might be an interesting experiment. =)

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