Getting the hang of gardening

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I’m starting to figure out what works for me in terms of gardening. I start seeds indoors on a seed tray, keeping them cat-proof by stashing them in an indoor greenhouse. I don’t get enough light indoors, so I move seedlings out to larger containers in a small outdoor greenhouse, or in the pots on the deck. As seedlings grow, I move them into the garden bed, where chickenwire keeps them safe from squirrels and birds.

How is this better than planting directly in the ground?

  • Because I start the seeds in sterile soil mix, I don’t have to figure out whether a seedling is one of my plants or a weed.
  • It’s easier to weed around larger transplants than in a seedling bed.
  • I make better use of the sunny garden areas because I don’t have to wait for seeds to start.
  • I can use a heating mat to germinate seeds that need warm temperatures (bitter melon, canteloupes).

Things that are doing well: cilantro, lettuce (many kinds), tomatoes, spinach

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