Waiting for my Kindle

| geek

I’m waiting for the delivery of my Kindle. Well, I’m not really waiting for it. I’m waiting for my co-worker so that I can hitch a ride with him to the office. But my Kindle has made its way from Arizona to Colorado, with a brief stopover in Ontario. (What?!) It got loaded on a delivery truck at 7:27 AM this morning, and now we’re down to the wire and wondering if it’ll get here before my non-morning-person coworker gets his coffee. No big deal if it doesn’t. I can pick it up when I get back to the hotel.

I’m this close to waiting for it and then just taking the bus to work, but that way lies temptation – even though it would be great to fully charge it before heading out later. Must. Resist.

7:56. My coworker has made an appearance. Oh well! I’ll see my Kindle later. =)

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