Public transit day

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Today was a day for buses, subway rides, and lots and lots of walking around. We’re helping J- learn how to navigate the city and use public transit. It’s a very useful skill, and she’ll need it to get to karate and piano lessons near our house when she’s staying with her mom. I tagged along with W- for the company. There were lots of things to do at home, but it was still a great use of time – company makes time pass faster.

After J- successfully navigated to Value Village, her music lessons, and the house of one of her friends, we celebrated by getting her the MapArt Pocket Toronto Atlas and a pack of Post-It flags. We also had ramen down at Kenzo near Dundas Square – mm! I think J-‘s getting the hang of it, particularly with such good things waiting at the destinations. =)

I use public transit a lot. W- occasionally takes it, too. The sooner J- can learn to independently use public transit, the more she can explore and do on her own. Exciting times!

Photo (c) 2009 Danielle Scott, Creative Commons Attribution Copyleft License

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