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Yay spring! The weather has been clear and sunny. I decided not to buy a Metropass this month. Instead, I’m biking to work and to wherever else I want to go.

The commute to work is wonderful. It’s mostly downhill through High Park, then eastward on the Martin Goodman trail along the lake. It’s mostly car-free, just a short segment near the downtown core where I have to worry about car doors and people turning.

The bike commute takes me 45-60 minutes at a leisurely pace, around the same time as the subway – maybe even faster. I like biking much more than squeezing my way into the crowded subway cars (still pretty spacious, I think, remembering Tokyo).

It’s a quiet, alone sort of time. When I’m on the trail, I can let my thoughts wander. Not too far – I still have to watch out for other people and the occasional goose – but enough to let go.

So I write and read a little less than I used to, but I get to exercise more. Yesterday, I biked for 45 minutes going to work and an hour coming back. Then I accompanied my husband to buy something near Bathurst and St. Clair, which was another 35 minutes each way. Almost three hours of biking, and I felt great.

Biking is definitely going to be part of my experimental life. I can pack my laptop, the new battery slice I ordered, and a sandwich, and wander around town. Hmm, the possibilities…

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