Weekly review: Week ending September 21, 2012

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My family decided to go on a roadtrip to Disneyland in Anaheim, so off we went! Two days going there along the scenic route, two days in Disneyland, and a day coming back. It was a lot of fun.

From last week’s plans


  • [X] Connect: Attend Quantified Self 2012 conference
  • [-] Connect: Follow up with people after conference; may have to wait until after family trip
  • [-] Connect: Empty my inbox
  • [X] Build: Sketch membership directory


  • [X] Spend time with family
  • [X] Maintain tranquility and equanimity; don’t get overwhelmed (Disney can be overstimulating, but we remembered to make time for naps!)


  • [X] Recover from conference

Plans for next week


  • [X] Earn: E1: Fix IE7 bug
  • [ ] Earn: E1: Periodically check in to see if they’re doing okay
  • [X] Connect: Empty my inbox
  • [X] Connect: Debrief from QS conference
  • [ ] Connect: Put together sketchnotes from conference
  • [ ] Connect: Meet Gregor Bingham and consider personal coaching
  • [ ] Connect: Take sketchnotes at Entrepreneurship 101 lecture series at MaRS
  • [ ] Connect: Check in with project O
  • [ ] Connect: Put together a Drupal prototype for the directory
  • [X] Build: Start SNA course at Coursera


  • [ ] Spend time with W-
  • [ ] Catch up with the people I promised to catch up with
  • [ ] Cuddle the cats!
  • [ ] Give J- bento accessories and the purse Ching sent


  • [X] Re-enable my library requests
  • [ ] Break out the cool-weather clothes

Time notes

Pretty good sleep, all things considered…

  • Business: 27.4 hours (Connect: 27.4)
  • Discretionary: 68.4 hours (Social: 57.5, Writing: 5.2)
  • Personal: 11.7 hours (Routines: 11.7)
  • Sleep: 60.2 hours – average of 8.6 hours per day

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