Sketchnotes: Quantified Self Conference 2012

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Realized I didn’t post a copy of my Quantified Self conference sketchnotes on my own blog, just the blog. So here they are!

Quantified Self 2012 Opening Plenary

20120915 QS2012 Opening Plenary

Nancy Dougherty’s talk

20120915 Nancy Dougherty

Quantified Self 2012 – Ignite Talks for Day 1

20120915 quantified self ignite day 1

Notes from our session

20120915 quantified self show-and-tell session 1

Day 2 lunchtime ignite talks

20120916 qs2012 lunchtime ignites day 2

Opening plenary, day 2

20120916 qs2012 opening plenary

Day 2

20120915 Quantified Self Plenary

Kevin Kelly – closing plenary

20120916 closing plenary - Kevin Kelly

See my conference recap for more text notes.

Feel free to share these! (Creative Commons Attribution License)

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