Weekly review: Week ending January 18, 2013

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There’s something I have to tweak about my schedule, because I think I’m getting further away from my ideal day instead of closer to it. I was a bit stressed last week – forgetful, frazzled, frayed. I think it’s because I’ve been scheduling like it was December and I really should adjust to the fact that three days of my week are spoken for (with good work, yes, but still spoken for!). That, and my evening events have come back in full force. I want to spend more time at home, more time writing, and more time cooking. More time drawing for myself, too, and more time coding again. These are the things that centre me.

I’d been working on connecting with people, but maybe there are better ways to do that. Meeting people in person is high-fidelity and high-bandwidth, for sure, but it does take up a lot of time. There’s still so much I can do to build things that help people and to connect with people over the Internet.

Time to slow down and gather myself up.

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Accomplished this week

  • Business
    • Earn
      • Follow up on invoice
      • E1 – analytics
    • Sell
      • Follow up with GROWtalks
      • Set up TEDxOCADU templates
      • Send pitch to M
      • Follow up with Shawn re F
      • Estimate costs for packages
      • Follow up with MC
      • Follow up on sketchnotes for MEGA Networking event
      • Draw pitch for MEGA Networking sketchnotes, answer questions
    • Build
      • Consider upgrading my RBC account
      • Order backup power
      • Do another weekly review with Criselda
      • Investigate Logitech loose wiring?
      • Sketch Rock the Monkey webinar
      • Talk to Patricia Kambitsch about TEDxOCADU
      • Attend TEDxOCADU dress rehearsal
    • Connect
      • Send Jay 5-10 questions
      • Have coffee with Sharon Sehdev
      • Check with Patricia Kambitsch
      • Find out why contact form didn’t work
  • Relationships
    • Help W-‘s parents with computer
    • Help Rachel learn programming with Processing
    • Learn how to cook with quinoa
  • Life
    • Pick up books from Runnymede
    • Declutter

Plans for next week

  • Business
    • [X] Sketchnote TEDxOCADU
    • [X] Follow up with GROWtalks
    • [ ] Deposit MaRS cheque
    • [ ] Call Shawn
    • [X] Sort out how to properly record taxes
    • [ ] Go to Quantified Self Toronto meetup
  • Relationships
    • [ ] Write more letters
    • [X] Pitch in for Papa’s party
  • Life
    • [ ] Study for the Canadian citizenship test

Time review

  • Business: 50.4 hours (E1: 24.4, Connect: 5.1, Drawing: 1.1)
  • Discretionary: 16.5 hours (Social: 3.7, Writing: 4.6)
  • Personal: 28.9 hours (Routines: 15.9, Bike: 5.0)
  • Sleep: 55.4 hours – average of 7.9 hours per day
  • Unpaid work: 16.8 hours (Commuting: 7.1, Cook: 4.1, Tidy: 3.3)
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