Weekly review: Week ending June 14, 2019

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  • Kaizen
    • Yay, my Philippine debit MasterCard worked for getting the Xpresspost envelope.
    • I organized my sketches and updated blog post references to use sketches.sachachua.com instead of Flickr.
    • I patched Termux to support F1..F12 in keyboard shortcuts, figured out how to build the APKs I needed, and submitted a pull request.
    • We donated a couple of old bicycles to Bike Pirates.
    • I serged cabinet liners and washcloths.
  • Us
    • W- and I checked out the new Borderlands 2 DLC, Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary.
    • Used some babysitter time to go to the Philippine consulate and get some papers notarized. I splurged on the Xpresspost International envelope so that they can mail the documents directly instead of needing to go back to pick things up.
    • I updated my ledger. Some negative productivity due to duplicate labels, but I eventually sorted it out.
    • We finished the Lilith DLC main story.
    • W- and I had fun watching a video about someone making beef wellington with an robot rolling pin.
  • Gross motor
    • A- walked around 1.4 km throughout the day, except for two very short rides on the stroller. She was pretending to be a firefighter.
  • Sensory
    • At school, A- played a lot at the sand table and at the playdough table. She was also interested in books and in water play.
    • I’m curious about helping train A-‘s ear, since this is a great window for doing so. She wasn’t keen on pointing to me with her eyes closed, but she likes watching videos about how things are made. I set a video to loop on my phone, hid it under the bed, and asked A- to find it.
  • Language
    • “What am I thinking about? Are those bubbles?” (points to her head)
    • I love how A- emphasizes the sounds in “Emergency LANNNNDINNNG!”
    • A- was curious about the increment in her Learning Tower. W- asked her how big she thought it was. “Two and a half inches,” she said. W- got the measuring tape from her toolkit and measured it. It was, in fact, two and a half inches.
  • Art
    • A- had lots of fun with S-. S- showed her how to staple paper rings together to make a chain, glue down pieces of paper to make a mosaic, and squish paint around under cling wrap to make interesting paintings. They also went to the playground and made sandcastles. What a full day! W- made dinner early while I took care of the evening chores, and we got A- in bed by 6:30.
  • Self-care and independence
    • To cheer A- up, I joked that I would snuggle her all day. She said, “No, not all day. I have to do my own things. I have to study.”
    • “I’m so tired. Why did we do eight hours?” She still thinks eight hours is too short, though!
  • Sleep
    • A- fell asleep at 6:30 while I was reading her a book.
  • Emotion
    • I asked A- what she wanted to help with her tantrums. She asked for a calm down surface with lots of blankets and one pillow.
  • Social
    • We visited Jen, Ewan, and E- because they needed emergency kiddo time. We had fun playing with water, bubbles, and chalk outside, and trains and ramps inside. Referring to E- and herself, A- said, “What are the twins doing?”
    • We went to the fire station near our place again. A- asked a few follow-up questions.
    • A- went out with the babysitter, and they didn’t get back until 10 minutes past the session’s end time because the babysitter lost track of time.
    • A- enjoyed doing crafts with the babysitter. She also went to the playground and splash pad, and slept in the stroller on the way back.
    • We went to the fire station again. A- asked lots of questions about the equipment. We saw them respond to an emergency call and then come back and do maintenance.
    • A- played lots of pretend with the babysitter. She also did a craft related to Rainbow Fish, improvised a temporary tattoo, and gave the babysitter a hug at the end of the session.
  • Pretend
    • A- wore her rain pants and rain boots. When she needed to take them off inside, she left the rain pants pushed down around her rain boots, just like firefighters push down their uniforms.
  • Cognition
    • We tried the colour sorting activity suggested by Playing Preschool, spinning it as Duplo block planes doing emergency landings. A- did it very easily. Maybe we’ll do Mouse Paint and colour mixing next.
    • A- delighted in building simple Duplo models by following the instruction cards with just a little prompting.
  • World
    • A- was curious about ice: how it cracked, how it floated, how it was made.
  • Other
    • We went to the fire station near Jen’s place. A- was brave enough to sit in the cab.
    • The workshop session focused on nutrition, health, and physical literacy. I asked the nurse about W sitting, and she encouraged me to keep asking A- to adjust. I also asked a few questions about milk, playground safety, and extracurricular exercise.
    • A- wanted to paint the planets in her mobile, so we did. She remembered that Lolo gave her the mobile.

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